Below is a calendar showing the availability of our products, Kent mango and Hass avocado, throughout the year.



We offer products that are adapted to the demand of wholesalers, central purchasing companies, independent stores, etc., who are looking for a partner capable of delivering a high quality product 

  • We have extensive experience in exporting to major European markets and soon to the USA

  • Our products respect the international norms that regulate the access of fruits of Peruvian origin to the market of the European Union.

  • Our commitment is in the quality, service and follow-up of our products throughout the commercial operation, being selected by professionals in the handling of fresh fruits.



Guarantee of a competitive product

Our strength is the ownership of the crop and its production, all our fruits come directly from the producers avoiding the intermediaries.
At the end of this operation, you will get a product, not only of good quality, but with a price that is accessible to a large number of consumers and reach a large clientele.
From November 2016 we are able to offer our production of Kent mango by air shipping and Kent mango by sea shipping, at competitive prices in the international market, and we will be happy to serve you throughout 2017 and in the upcoming years.